How to Use Music to Stop Yourself From Procrastinating All the Time


The most common major for students in college or university is learning how to master procrastination. Your intentions are good, and eventually, you complete whatever it is that you were supposed to get done, whether or not it’s at the expense of an all-nighter or buying your third Red Bull from the vending machine.

We get exhausted after seven cups of coffee, and this exhaustion turns into frustration. In this scenario, nothing puts you in a better mood or a better flow than listening to your trusted soundtrack to get you through these days.

If you’ve ever experienced music helping you get through something, there is a science to back up your claims. There are certain benefits of music on the brain. It keeps your nerves active and boosts your energy. However, it depends on which music you are listening to and what earbuds you are using. Nothing can ruin your flow and kill your vibe like a busted pair of headphones. 

To ensure certain benefits of music on the brain, BlackPods earbuds have a comfortable and enjoyable time while completing your task.

Here are 10 tips that you would love to follow to crush procrastination and have some sleep later on.

1. Get Organized:

It’s hard to shake off that nagging feeling when you know something you need to get done. Make a planner or use the calendar app present within your phone. Put on some songs to avail benefits of music on the brain. Your brain works aptly and flows with the flow of beats. This will help you in keeping track of individual assignments and important deadlines. To better help, your organization stick to soundtracks for specific tasks. This enables you to condition your mind to focus on a particular action when you hear certain/songs beat. For instance, having an energetic soundtrack for your workouts is a better idea than an energetic soundtrack when you need to focus on finishing off that next paragraph. 

2. Set Achievable Yet Simple Goals:

The task at hand seems too daunting, and this is one of the parts of the reason we try to procrastinate. It is way easier to get started with a task when you set goals that are reachable and simple. Make a list of songs that would go best with the work and use the comfort of the BlackPods. This way you’re not distracting by continuously adjusting the AirPods or are only getting partial sound. Instead of identifying a particular subject or topic, mark a figure that looks easier to motivate you for work. 

3. Make a Schedule Or Timeline;

Create a plan after setting your goals to complete them. This can be a schedule related to your studies or any of a big exam coming up or mapping out of an essay or anything critical and need to be done. Put in your BlackPods earbuds and avail the benefits of music on the brain. Jot down your schedule and follow the pattern.

4. Set a Deadline:

There are certain benefits of music on the brain, put on some good music, and after making a schedule, set a period, and eliminate other activities. Stick your routines, as hard as it may be, so you can reward yourself after you’ve met a deadline. Aim to have the work completed beforehand on the due date. If something unexpected happens that way, you would have some extra time to make up for it.

5. Eliminate Distractions:

One of the essential parts is to get rid of all the potential disruptions before starting your work to avoid needlessly sidetracked halfway through your work. Shut your phone off if you tend to spend too much time using Facebook or Instagram etc. Some of the external sources can also be sources of distraction for which you can use earbuds or BlackPods to listen to music and pay your full concentration on your work. To avoid constant chatter of the external source, put on some white, classical music or music without lyrics. Besides, you can change your study environment and head down into a local library or any of the spots to clear your mind to work correctly. 

6. Time yourself:

it is easy to overwork yourself if you are loaded with assignments. Besides, our brain can only deal with much of the information and concentration at a time. Everyone is different and requires a different pattern to follow. However, experts suggest a maximum range of 50 to 90 minutes. Set a time for a block of work or focused studying to prevent yourself from burning out. Moreover, you can put on some good music because the benefits of music on the brain can show you several wonders and work correctly. 

7. Take a break:

Mental break, along with the physical break, is extremely important from every kind of burden. Take a 10 to 30 minutes break after your timer goes off. Take a walk, listen to music on earbuds of BlackPods, do laundry, or do some healthy activity to activate your brain. Do whatever it takes to make your mind off work and allow yourself to relax. 

8. Use incentives:

Everyone feels loved by being rewarded or applauded. No matter how small but it is essential to give yourself excuses. It can be a simple treat in the form of any favorite show or any eatery or a walk to a favorite coffee spot. You can set the incentives according to the intensity level of your work. 

9. Complete The Most Robust Work First:

Doing easy tasks makes you lazy and dull, and it becomes difficult to push everything back farther. It becomes difficult, rather impossible, to do a job that you do not want to do. It is over once you do it. Henceforth, completing the arduous task beforehand is the best strategy. After it, everything seems more natural and takes a little bit of time in completion. You can never get it done if you keep pushing a problematic task back. It is good to buckle it down and finish it anyway.

10. Tell Someone About Your Goal:

Accountability is everything. If you are the only person holding yourself accountable, then it is easy to forget about specific tasks or put them off. Tell a friend or a family member if you want to get something done. This will make it easier for you to complete your tasks on time. As a bonus, you have someone who is going to remind you, and therefore, you cannot back out of slough it off.

Music can control our lives; it can alter our moods, helps us be more energetic and stimulate emotional responses. Putting this to good use can help you achieve almost anything.


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