Does Music Improve Your Workouts?


People love working out and maintaining their physical appearance and health. A majority of them prefer to exercise with music and find the perfect rhythms to boost their energy and maintain their stamina.

Music provides motivation to athletes and helps them keep their tempo in check. With a song that has a steady beat, you can run or pedal to, you will find yourself pushing further and harder than before. 

Even though the tunes’ preference depends on person to person, when you exercise with music, you can let out stress and feel more focused. And if you couple music with a great pair of workout earphones, like the earbuds of Black pods, you can enjoy your workouts even more!  

Improving Physical Performance

Studies suggest faster-paced music improves athletic performance after you engage in a low or moderate level exercise. 

A 2006 study on the effects of exercise with music for athletes found an increase in speed, pace, and distance travelled without getting tired or exhausted. Several other studies back up the idea that exercise with music dramatically improves your performance. 

Several studies have also suggested that tempo – measured in beats per minute – affects the level of exercise. A high tempo builds up the momentum and energizes you through the workout. A low tempo calms you, breaking the energy down.

Your pace varies from one exercise to the next. You will need the music of different tempos to achieve ideal performance. 

However, you can maintain this speed and beat by using earbuds of Black pods to exercise with music and trust me; you would not even feel restless or tired.

Researchers have started to pursue more explanations as to why and how music can improve a person’s performance during physical activities. As per a study of 2010, sports psychologists state that music improves athletic performance by delaying fatigue or increasing the player’s working capacity. 

As per their research, exercise with music leads to higher expected levels of endurance, strength, power, and productivity. 

Psychological Effect

Music has a substantial impact on feelings and can cause behavioural changes and affect your thought process. The psychological effects of exercise with music can train your brain to feel a certain way, with music as a trigger. 

For instance, athletes who exercise with music have a higher concentration of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Over time, they can train themselves to feel the effects of serotonin by listening to the music they listen to when working out. 

Even though what the study suggests may be hard to replicate for everyone, but there is strong evidence that exercise with music has tremendous effects. 

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