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Based on our own pod concept, featuring Bluetooth 5.0 for lightning fast connectivity, a brand new H1 Chipset for more power efficiency and IPX6 resistance.



After a simple one-tap setup, BlackPods work like magic. They’re automatically on and always connected. BlackPods can even sense when they’re in your ears and stop playing audio when you take them out. Universal compatibility –  Boasting compatibility for Bluetooth 5.0, these work with any IOS or Android Device.







24 Hour Battery

BLACKPODS™ deliver an industry leading 5 hours of listening time per charge

Studio Quality

Powered by the all new H1 chip, BLACKPODS™ deliver a 70% higher quality connection.

Truly Wireless

With the all new wireless charging case and Siri/Google assistant built in.

What's Included

Lightning Charging Cable Wireless Charging Case


The BlackPods 3 deliver a magical wireless
experience built for the future. High quality
sound, sleek design, and affordable.


The answer is yes, the BlackPods will work with almost any Android smartphone that has Bluetooth connectivity. You will not get the extra processing power from that special audio processing chip found on other competing brands, but music will still sound excellent with these headphones; far above and beyond what stock speakers offer.

Not only do both BlackPod 3’s and BlackPod Pro’s sound great but they’re also comfortable to wear thanks to the padded earbuds. It’s a well-balanced setup with a reasonable amount of clarity and plump bass that’s not bloated or muddy. Also, the noise cancellation is noticeably effective and providing a solid wireless headset for making calls.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer warranties on our product due to several issues faced with local and international technician partners. While we cannot offer a firm date, we are working diligently to add warranties as soon as possible for our valued customers.

Here’s what you can expect with both the BlackPod 3’s and BlackPod Pro’s:

  • With multiple charges in your case, you get roughly 24 hours of listening time, with around 10 hours of talk time.
  • The BlackPod 3’s can get up to 3 hours of listening time or up to 1.5 hours of talk time on a single charge.
  • The BlackPod Pro’s can get up to 4 hours of listening time or up to 2.5 hours of talk time on a single charge.
  • If you charge your BlackPod 3’s for 5 minutes in their case, you get around 30 minutes to an hour of listening time or talk time.
  • If you charge your BlackPod Pro’s for 5 minutes in their case, you get around 1 hour of listening time or talk time.

Yes, both BlackPod 3’s and BlackPod Pro’s are IPX6 Water Resistant Certified. This means that while you cannot fully submerge the earbuds in water, they can handle both heavy sweat and rain without any problems.

You may think BlackPods are like every other company out there, but BlackPod 3’s and BlackPod Pro’s simply do not compromise on the build quality or the design. Although these buds sport an all-plastic construction, the meticulously crafted materials used gives it a unique premium and sleek feel. The revamped design allows the BlackPods to pick up your voice more clearly while conversing and this multi-functionality continues to be our primary focus. The reworked hardware along with the built-in splash resistance and noise cancellation alongside its Bluetooth 5.0 technology distinguishes the BlackPods above all other variants available today.

Not sure how the touch controls work on your BlackPods? No problem! Here is the BlackPod 3 and BlackPod Pro touch control guide:

  • Answer the phone call: Tap the touch panel on any side of the earphone twice.
  • Refuse the phone call: Long press the touch panel for 2 seconds.
  • Play or pause music: Tap the touch panel on any side of the earphone once.
  • Play the next song: Tap the touch panel of the left earphone three times.
  • Play the previous song: Tap the touch panel of the right earphone three times.
  • Turn up the volume: Double tap the touch panel of the right earphone.
  • Turn down the volume: Double tap the touch panel of the left earphone.
  • Wake up the Siri: Long press the touch panel for 3 seconds.

Now, while a more expensive brand would certainly be the first choice for many, we believe that earbuds are a necessity for many and as such should not cost even close to as much as your smartphone. So strongly, do we believe in providing our customers with the most value-filled and highest quality earbuds that we loaded our initial BlackPods with every feature found on the other competing brands but still at less than half the price. With our new patented H1 chipsets, Bluetooth 5.0, IPX6 Water Resistance and nearly 24 hours of battery life our BlackPods provide the same, if not better, quality than other competing brands that you can rely on without breaking the bank!

Finding out which company came first can be difficult, especially when considering the sheer number of replicants that can pop up in the market today. To determine which manufacturer came first, simply visit any domain registry website and compare our website ( against any competing website you may have found. ALL of the duplicate companies came into business following ours, which was established in early 2019. If you visit a BlackPod branded website and their domain has been registered AFTER us it is a fraudulent copy of us. If you can find a company called BlackPod that registered their domain before us, we’ll give you a pair of pods of your choice, on us.

 We currently only ship to the United States and Canada. This is a temporary measure due to the disruption in postal services worldwide. We will resume international shipping soon.

Update July 2020: We have begun testing shipping internationally to the following countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore. Customers ordering from these countries may experience more delays than normal in shipping transit. We will still fulfill these orders within 24-48 hours. If you experience any issues please contact us directly so that we may work to resolve it.


681 Reviews

William V.

I ordered from another company that promised quick shipping but never got them. I wasn't going to make the same mistake again but i got a weird guarantee from customer service lol. Sure enough, got them 2 days later to Houston! Pods are bomb af, only thing I hate is that the matte texture picks up fingerprints like a mofo

BlackPods 3

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Connor D.

They are a great pair of wireless earbuds I have owned AirPods before and they compare beautifully to them the only thing apple AirPods have on them is their case it’s a little light and feels like it’s not as durable but for $50 they are perfect they also shipped in 4 days counting the day I ordered them

BlackPods 3

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Nida S

Very happy with these, I love the way they look and the sound quality is off the charts! My husband keeps staring at mine, I might have to buy him a pair too!!

BlackPods 3

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Cassy R

These are the most attractive pair of headphones Ive ever seen lol. The matte black finish is so satisfying. The sound quality is very good also,

BlackPods 3

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