Election Year 2020 Pros and Cons


Every 4 years citizens in America have to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming election of the next president. Whether it is a new president taking over the office or the current sitting president winning a 2nd term, the inevitable of witnessing/experiencing a wave of emotions is bound to happen.

Every election year presents its fair share of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly aspects of politics. Here are the pros and cons of the 2020 election year to look for as the election night will be upon us before we know it. 

How Is Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) Affecting The Election?

At the beginning of 2020, the world began to become aware of the new and deadly Covid-19 (also known as Coronavirus), which has now created a worldwide pandemic. Businesses have been forced to shut down in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

Everyone’s lives have changed as social distancing has made it to where everyone is staying away from each other as much as possible. With every election year, there are significant issues that the candidates must address and provide sustainable solutions for. The way that the current candidates take on the Coronavirus pandemic will have a substantial impact on how Americans vote during election night this year. 

The Final Two Nominees Have Been Set.

The current sitting president, Donald J. Trump (Republican), has decided to run for a 2nd term and, with ease, become the Republican nominee. With the recent news of Democrat candidate for President of the United States Bernie Sanders suspending his campaign, that makes a clear path for Joe Biden (Democrat and former Vice President) to win the nomination. Both candidates have their reasons as to why they will be the best option as president of the United States.

However, both candidates also have negative aspects that many American citizens believe are not fitting for the president of our country. Thanks to having a great democracy, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and their own beliefs as to who they can vote for and why. 

Will The Country Come Together Or Be Divided?

As it currently stands, Americans are seeming a bit divided when it comes to politics and how society is operating. Both sides of the spectrum, have rights to the opinions that they believe are right. While there are obvious things that are blatantly wrong, everyone is entitled to having their own ideas.

Does this mean that everyone has to think the same?

Of course not! Would it be a better society to live in if we all could agree to disagree respectfully?

Yes, having a difference of opinions does not mean that hatred and disrespect should be tolerated from anyone. 

What are your thoughts on the current election year?

Is the candidate that you support still in the running to become/stay president of the United States?

Do you believe that the political process has been equal and fair across the board for all of the candidates?

Are the issues and policies that you care about being addressed with actions and solutions?

This is going to be another crucial election year as the next president has a high chance of choosing a new SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) Judge. In addition to the latter, with everything going on in the world, the next sitting president must be able to do their best by bringing the country together as much as they possibly can. 


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