Introverts Flourishing During Covid-19 Quarantine


The beginning of 2020 began with great promise, hope, and new adventures heading into positive directions. However, when the world was swept completely by the Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) pandemic life as we all know changed completely. Many regular daily activities that people enjoy have been affected and even put to a complete halt temporarily. From enjoying a nice cup of coffee during the morning sunrise to hanging out with family, friends, and even strangers at public outdoor events now seem like distant memories.

Nonetheless, this seems like the perfect time for individuals that are introverts and here are the ways that they are turning a bad moment in time into a positive unannounced break. 

Taking Time To Recharge Mentally And Physically

There is a lot going on in the world that is taking a great toll mentally and physically to many introverts. In moments where it seems like everything bad that could happen occurs can be daunting to worry about not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well. Being in a mental state of not knowing what to do or feeling as if there is too much going on requires some time away from the world as much as possible (metaphorically speaking).

While during this time being around loved ones would be a great relief, social distancing is also important to stop the spread of the virus as soon as possible. If you have the ability to chat with family and friends via video chat online, by all means use the options avaliable when necessary to you. 

Catching Up On Fun Activities 

Remember when we were kids and we would be so happy when school breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break came because we could finally stay home and just have fun? Well this is what introverts that are grown adults are enjoying right now. While there are some introverts that still have to go to work because they are “essential workers” they are still able to enjoy a little bit more free time from work than normal. Fun activities such as reading books, watching movie/TV streaming services, crocheting, or simply just relaxing doing nothing are all great things to do while being quarantined. 

The Pressure Of Not Being Around People Too Much

If there is one trait that most introverts share with each other, it is the ability to be happy without being around too many people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with individuals that are extroverts and absolutely love being around people. Introverts tend to find peace and happiness within the simplest things, even if it means they are alone. When an introvert feel as if they are forced to be around people without any purpose, it can become quite annoying, frustrating, and even cause anxiety.

Being in a self-quarantine lockdown can be the break that introverts have been waiting for. Unfortunately it had to come at the cost of a pandemic, nonetheless taking advantage of this time is too valuable to pass up. 

How are you as an introvert living during the current state of the Covid-19 virus pandemic? With no definite end in sight, do you believe that you will continue to enjoy being your natural self with little to no social interaction to the public? What advice would you give to other introverts who may be in more of a panic state of mind than a relaxing mental state? As the medical professionals and public all work together to defeat this pandemic, understand that support is easy to find even when you are an introvert. 


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