Mobile Investing: These 3 Apps Are Easy to Use And Will Jump Start Personal Investing


With the turn of a new decade, new ways for investment are upon us. Behold, that idea of investing that used to require a meeting with an investor at your local bank is not really necessary. At least, not for those of us looking to make small strides into personal investing. Today, we are able to download one of several free apps onto our smartphones and begin investing immediately. By having the app accessible, we can access our accounts and maintain control over all of our investments. If this sounds appealing, keep reading. The following 3 apps are easy to use and will jumpstart your personal investing. 


One of the first mobile apps to take on personal investing was Stash. Designed as a savings apps, the mission behind Stash was to encourage personal savings for those either learning how to budget for the first time or starting over. Either way, the app is designed to introduce beginning investors into the world of wealth management and implement good practices.

With a small and affordable monthly fee, Stash offers a number of services. Customers can bank with them, open a savings account and take advantage of entry-level investing. Beyond investment services, Stash also offers a number of educational packages and resources for their clients to give them more information on proper investment. 


For those of us who want something a little heartier in the world of investing, Acorns is another app designed to encourage personal investments. Focused completely around investing, customers are encouraged to create stock portfolios and take on a modern approach to classic investments. They guide new investors into different options of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and asset classes that will be used to diversify their individual portfolio.

Based upon how you choose to invest, you can start with a conservative profile and move into more diverse options over time. Make investment choices that will give you confidence financially while you learn the industry and build your confidence for a bolder portfolio in the future. 


A newer investment app, Robinhood takes personal investing to the next level for those of us who want to make a dent in our savings and still have a hands-on approach to our personal investments. Taking advantage of the digital money market, this app allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies around the clock. This level of investment still holds on to the classic investment options of stocks but it provides a cohesive investment package that merges all investment options relevant to today’s global economy. For those of us who have a little bit of experience with personal investing, Robinhood may be the appropriate choice for personal investment. 

Make An Investment Today

Taking advantage of personal investment options is as easy as downloading an app. Seriously, there is no excuse not to try your hand at improving your financial future. Whether your experience is limited and you are just starting out or you have dabbled and want an app with more investment options, there is an app for you. 


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